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Pearson Law Group, PLLC serves non-profit, advocacy, and small business clients on a range of legal, policy, and general counsel matters regarding natural resources, property law, and organizational issues. We bring experience, passion, and professionalism to every case and customize our support to your individual needs and concerns.

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Areas of Practice

Water Resources

Water sustains us all, but the legal patchwork brings significant challenges for landowners and organizations seeking clarity on water rights and sustainable resource use. We have counseled clients in the western United States and in Latin America through challenging and unique water resources issues. 


The startup and small business marketplace requires dynamic legal advice from attorneys who understand the small business mindset. We can help navigate legal and practical obstacles when setting up your business structure and putting the process and systems in place to accelerate growth or move beyond an operational plateau.

Conservation Transactions

Conservation transactions employ both time-tested and cutting-edge legal tools to protect our shared resources. PLG has experience with all facets of conservation easements, water and wetland mitigation banking, and carbon sequestration, and is always seeking to discover new ways to keep our resources intact.  

Environmental + Land Use Litigation

Environmental litigation is a key tool in an advocate's toolbelt, and PLG is no exception. PLG has extensive experience managing a diverse environmental caseload in federal, state, and local court on matters ranging from public lands and wildlife to water quality permits and land-use decisions. Let's discuss your needs.

Non-Profit Management

Non-profit organizations face unique legal challenges. Whether seeking compliance with local, state, and federal laws, protecting the legal integrity of their mission, or dealing with contractual matters, PLG's attorneys understand how non-profits tick because they have experience as outside counsel and as in-house staff.



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